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"Jesus, I remain humble in your name"

Brother Hyeok Ministries goes wherever

God tells us to go and preaches Jesus.

Wherever Evangelist Hyeok Park goes,

the miracles of the Acts of the Apostles appear,

and the name of Jesus Christ is glorified.


Brother Hyeok Ministries is holding crusades all over the world

For a detailed schedule, please click the button below.

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About Brother Hyeok Ministries

Evangelist Hyeok Park has been sent

by God to the whole world with a special calling.

Everywhere he goes, supernatural miracles of God appear,

proving that God is with him.

Even though Evangelist Hyeok is young,

God is using him as a channel of healing, blessings, prophecy,

and miracles with a special anointing

and spiritual authority from above.


In addition, many souls are aligned with Jesus Christ

through the proclamation of the Word

and they are being used as young messengers in this era.

God is using him as a leader who has a powerful influence

on countless leaders, elders, the next generation, churches

and countries around the world.

Brother Hyeok Ministries is a ministry group

led by Evangelist Hyeok, who takes the gospel wherever

God sends him to experience the kingdom of God

and to glorify the name of Jesus Christ.


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Prayer Request

Man of God Hyeok

If you would like to generate a formal invitation for the Man of God to be in your nation, church or event, we invite you to fill in the following form, which will help us to gather all the necessary information to evaluate the possibility of visiting you. 



Evangelist Hyeok Park using all the money

he earned while doing business,

has toured the world at his own expense,

and began Brother Hyeok ministries .

This ministry follows God’s word of:

“freely receive, freely give”,

and when you go to the actual ministry, you pay for the

church/region/. The ministry team is moving at its own expense

without any request from the state or those receiving ministry.

Your donation is used to make the Kingdom of God

more effective and free to reach more souls.

If you would like to become a regular sponsoring partner

who accompanies Evangelist Hyeok with heartfelt finances,

please follow the link below.

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If you click the button below, you can directly connect to the

official SNS account of Brother Hyeok Ministries.

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